An Important Note About Quoting

Quoting is a necessary part of the construction and renovation business.

As a construction company based in Norfolk County, we have learned a lot about quoting correctly and accurately in our 30+ years in the industry.

It is important to understand several factors when you’re receiving competing quotes for your project from different local contractors.

There is much more to choosing the right contractor than just the quoted dollar amount.

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Shopping for a Contractor is NOT like Shopping for Appliances.

Comparing quotes on a construction project can be a minefield if you are not fully aware of the common risks and pitfalls.

For many situations in life, price can – and should be – the determining factor in your choices.

However, choosing which contractor to hire based solely on a quoted price can be very misleading.

This is not like shopping for a new fridge, where the lowest price wins.


Price matters when it comes to appliances. Not so much with contractors…

With appliances, various retailers can offer the exact same item at a different price. In this situation, the best price is indeed the best option for purchase.

In this case, you’re comparing the exact same item, the only variable is the markup taken by the retailer.

With contractors and construction companies, looking at the quoted price as the only factor is NOT an accurate way to compare the outcome of a project.

Not all the outcomes are the exact same.

This is your home, and your money, so you need to be sure that you have all the facts before proceeding.

Factors in Quoting

We Boast a High Ratio of Project Completion on Budget, as Per Estimate

To make an actual comparison between the contractors you’ve been talking to, you’re going to need answers to the following questions:

  1. Experience:
    How long has the company been in business? What is their specialty? For Mark Acton Construction Ltd., we have been in business for over 30 years, and have successfully completed over $16 million worth of projects (such as custom homes and interior renovations) in and around Norfolk County. We have a fully capable staff, skilled in all required trades for the home improvement and construction industry.
  2. Certifications & Qualifications:
    What, if any, certifications or qualifications does the company have? Our onsite staff consists of two Licensed Carpenters, three Journeyman Contractors, a Professional Painter, and a Project Manager, totalling over 120 years experience of renovation/building experience.
  3. Quoting Accuracy:
    How often are the company’s quotes accurate? Mark Acton Construction Ltd. maintains a 99% level of quote accuracy. Thanks to many years of onsite experience, as well as complete project management, it has become almost second nature to understand every facet of a prospective project and therefore provide a much more accurate quote.

Through proper planning and preparation, there is little chance for cost overrun (when a job comes in higher than the quoted price), which is a factor that often plagues companies who are less experienced in the industry.

We pride ourselves on giving you all of the details up front so that you know what to expect, and have a true cost estimate.

Project Drawings / Specifications

In order for your project to be quoted on in a comparative manner between contractors, you would need to have full specs (specifications) and/or drawings.

Drawings/Specs would detail all factors, materials and tasks to be included the project, and would assure that each company is quoting based on the exact same information.

Understandably, smaller jobs may not require drawings or specifications, but it is still important to communicate everything that will be involved in a job to the contractor.

By not providing the same detail to each contractor, you could end up with project confusion, and ultimately pricing discrepancies.

Do Yourself and Your Contractor a Favour:

You can save yourself and your contractor time by providing a ‘scope of project’.

Write down everything that you want to have done, in as much detail as you can give.

This ‘scope of project’ will help to keep your potential contractors on the same page, and could save you some of the agony associate with less-than-specific walkthroughs and verbal explanations.

Project Management

The Importance of WSIB, Insurance, and Licensing


It is vital to ask your contractor if they insured through WSIB.

WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) is an Ontario organization that handles insurance and compensation for Ontario workplaces.

Being insured through WSIB is a peace-of-mind safety net that assures you will not be liable if anything were to happen to workers present in your home.

Mark Acton Construction Ltd. is insured by WSIB, and takes workplace safety seriously.

WSIB Ontario

Insurance & Liability

It is important for anyone working on/in your home to have liability insurance.

This protects both the homeowner and the contractor in case of any type of workplace accident.

We carry $2 million of liability insurance, and as such are well positioned to keep you worry free while we’re on the job.

Licensing & Certification

Not every company who presents themselves as a contractor or renovation expert is officially certified by the province of Ontario.

Only through the completion of a Provincial contractor exam and a term as an apprentice can someone claim that they are a certified contractor.

Our staff is comprised of individuals who have completed the exam, as well as their time as an apprentice, and are now fully qualified Journeyman contractors.

Read Online Reviews

With websites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp, we now have access to a variety of public platforms where people can rate and review construction companies.

Take time to read reviews of the companies you are talking to, as these will shed a lot more light on the pros/cons of each.

If you cannot find any reviews online, it’s a good indication that you’re talking to either an inexperienced new company. Inquire about their online presence, as this can help you to more fully understand who you are dealing with.

Mark Acton Construction has great reviews on both Facebook and Google. We welcome you to take a look, here’s a sneak peak:

Dougs review of Mark ActonHave you done the research on your contractor?

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